As a follow-up to my "You Might be a New York Yankee if ..." list (as read on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan show), here is a new Top 10 list that you might enjoy.

You Might Be A Montreal Expo if ...
  1. When people call your ticket office and ask what time the game starts, they reply "What time can you be here?"
  2. You have a 155 kilometer per hour fastball
  3. The vendors at your park sell escargot on a croissant instead of hot dogs
  4. Your entire team earns less than all but six New York Yankees
  5. You have been traded for Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, John Wetteland, Moises Alou or Andres Galarraga
  6. No one knows what the hell your logo is supposed to be
  7. The local hockey team outdraws you for an intrasquad scrimmage
  8. You pay $4 million in taxes on your $5 million salary
  9. Your bleachers smell like beer AND donuts
  10. Your team's only retired jersey is the mascot's "!"
You Might Be A New York Yankee if ... (Inspired by the "You might be a Yankee if..." list)
  1. Your DH is also your drug dealer
  2. You find Mariah Carey in your locker
  3. You need a ten-year-old with a glove to win the World Series for you
  4. You've been hired and fired by the same employer five times
  5. You wake up in a cold sweat hearing airplanes (sorry, that's You Might be a New York Met if...)
  6. You did not play in the New York Yankee farm system
  7. You see your boss all week, plus Thursdays at 9:00 on NBC
  8. A large beam suddenly falls on your head
  9. You have exposed more than your windup in the bullpen
  10. You've been beaten by Sipowicz